What's the point of life if you don't have a code? *snort*

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the blogger code

Don't know about "geek code"? Then "blogger code" won't mean a whole lot to you.

Know about "geek code"? heh ... I'll show you mine; you show me yours? *le smurque*

Geek code from ?what? 9 years ago:
G_C v2.1: GTW/P/>CS$ !n !e e e+ e* !n -d+$ H+ !n Y++ a+ po->-+ h>* !n s-:- g+ p3+ !au>--- w->+++ v->--- C++ P+>++++ E---->--- W UB>++++ M- N++ K- t++ R G'>? tv++>-- B-- u* f- y++++ r r--- !n

Blogger code from ?what? 9 minutes ago:
B9 d t+ k++ s u- f+ i+ o+ x+ e l- c--

heh ... sometimes it's nice to leave "discourse ethics" and "participatory deliberation in the context of post-modernist historiography" aside for a moment or 3. *snort*

I blame Hixie for this. You can blame Hixie too, if you want. Or blame someone else. Even me. Whatevuh. heh

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