Smug and arrogant? Complacent and self-satisfied?

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*this accidentally ended up in another blog. for the record I think it's really shoddy (and typically that the "Change Date" function does not display in FireFox. Lame, lamer, lamest ... month after month, year after year ... friggin' tedious. I built navaids. I sure as shit dread that these kidz ever do.*

The Long Tail and ... aesthetically these two are worlds apart. But what I notice as odd is how both overlook basic usability.

LongTail ... is it sane to have such a huge page? The designer evidently took it for granted that all readers are using large/wide screens. But even then: what's the sensse of having two parallel tracks of text? It's a silly idea poorly executed. I can't think that Anderson knows no better.

"The Creative Class" ... just the name makes my skin creep. And the layout, well, pure Holywood ... everything packaged as though promoting the latest smash hit. But notice: to "Read the Article" you have to click on the teeny icon ... no text has been used as a link. Such elegant design, yet nobody had the wit to treat the links with some effective CSS?

Smug ... that's all I can think. I guess it's a class thing: success breeds contempt for others.

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