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Though I'm not positive why John Udell uses the term he chooses in "The disruptive Web" (why disruptive? I found that distracting) the phenomenon he describes is pithy, seminal, timely, makes great coffee, etc etc etc. As he puts in in his blog:
"If you're creating a Web service that you hope will have a disruptive impact, the lessons are clear. Support HTTP GET-style URLs. Design them carefully, matching de facto standards where they exist. Keep the URLs short, so people can easily understand, modify, and trade them. Establish a blog reputation. Use the blog network to promote the service and enable users of the service to self-organize. It all adds up to a recipe for recombinant growth."
Long/short, combining areacode lookup with bookmarklets and blogs with online library services and book discussion pages turned out to be a natural! (It's a great article, BTW ... thanks Jon and InfoWorld.)

Somewhat related: another tid-bit that I sense will spawn something virally web-service-like is the GeoURL project that I've described in my LiveJournal ... MeatSpace is here to stay! (Coincidentally, JohnU shows up in GeoURL's "within 500 miles of this webpage" listing!)

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